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The extreme conditions encountered when extracting crude oil and gas test even the most resistant of materials right to their limits. VESTAMID® NRG overcomes these limitations and has been used in numerous areas for years – both onshore and offshore.

The VESTAMID® NRG grades for oil and gas applications have been developed for manufacturing high caliber pipes. They feature  very constant processing properties without variations. High caliber tubing with constant diameters and wall ticknesses can be produced due to the high melt stiffness of the polymer.

Subsea umbilicals, risers, flow lines (SURF)

VESTAMID® NRG polyamide 12 is a high-performance thermoplastic with improved performance features, which guarantee safe operation, even beyond the entire service life of the installed flexible line

Gas pipes

Gas pipelines, which must withstand pressures up to 18 bar, have so far been manufactured mainly from steel. VESTAMID® NRG offers outstanding performance for high-pressure pipelines, allowing gas suppliers to set up their underground pipeline network effectively without worrying about the need to reduce flow rates.


For gas production, black steel pipes are significantly more convenient and much more easily available than the currently used stainless steel pipes. But they are also much more susceptible to corrosion. Black steel pipes with VESTAMID® NRG liners, on the other hand, are protected against internal corrosion and in addition offer enormous weight and price advantages.

Steel pipe coating

VESTAMID® NRG provides a flexible, mechanically resistant coating system, which combines the advantages of a polyethylene coating and a cement covering.


Three kinds of materials are available for the demanding field of oil and gas components:

  • Polyamide 12 VESTAMID® NRG
  • Polyether ether ketone VESTAKEEP® PEEK
  • Polyimide P84®