VESTAMID® - consistent in processing, versatile in design

Many of the VESTAMID® molding compounds are specifically designed for injection molding while others are more suitable for extrusion. But the processing properties are consistent in every case. The properties of VESTAMID® can be modified with the help of various additives such as fillers, glass fibers, and plasticizers to satisfy the requirements placed on the molding compound by the particular application.

Injection molding and extrusion

VESTAMID® molding compounds are suitable for precision injection molding of, for example, noiseless gears and impellers, as well as for high-end extrusion processing, as in the case of high-quality multilayer decorative film. We can provide you with unstabilized or heat- and light-stabilized material, according to your requirements.

Bonding, decoration, processing?

For distinctive design, unusual shape or form, indelible laser marking, and a range of other applications, VESTAMID® scores with versatile design possibilities because it is easily processed by a variety of methods. Our technicians would be happy to assist you here.

We provide the following processes in our application facilities: