To the deep sea

Cutting edge TECHNOLOGy FoR SURF Applications

Sea oil production is becoming increasingly difficult. Companies  have to go deeper and deeper to the seabed to find this valuable commodity. Flexible pipelines are laid instead of rigid steel pipelines. These pipelines have to be protected on the outside against corrosion through seawater and on the inside against corrosion from oil, gas, and water. And the deeper the producers go, the more important it is to have lightweight pipes as well. This is where VESTAMID® NRG can provide assistance. 


Flexible lines with a VESTAMID® NRG 1001 pressure plate can accommodate a potential increase in operating temperature of 6 °C compared to conventional polyamide materials. At identical design temperatures, this advantage significantly boosts service life and delivers key added value.

VESTAMID® NRG 1001 not only extends the service life of flexible lines, but also offers further advantages and far superior performance to conventional polyamide in most cases.

  • Improved ductility
  • Excellent breaking strength and mechanical properties, even under arctic conditions
  • Excellent creep behavior and compressive creep
  • Good methanol resistance
  • Excellent resistance to heat aging
  • Easy to process

These properties make VESTAMID® NRG the first choice when seeking suitable thermoplastic materials for applications in flexible lines.

The VESTAMID® NRG 1001 material meets the requirements of API 17 J and EN ISO 13628-2 standards. More than 1000 km of flexible risers have been produced using VESTAMID® NRG as a barrier and outer layer for offshore use by various leading oil companies.


Thermoplastic Composite Pipes (TCP) and Thermoplastic Composite Risers (TCR) are increasingly being used in the oil and gas industry. Nowadays, such pipes are used for relatively short-term applications, while developments for long-term applications are underway.

VESTAMID® NRG, a material that has proved its worth for deep sea usage, can be applied for various functions in TCP and TCR designs:

  • As a liner material, suitable for multistage insets
  • As a matrix material for the protective layer
  • As a liner material to shield the protective layer against environmental factors

With VESTAMID® NRG 1003, Evonik has developed a special PA12, which allows the production of top-quality unidirectional fabric tapes for the protective layer. The focus for this product was to ensure an optimized combination with the fiber matrix and hydrolysis resistance.