Replaces carbon steel pipes 

VESTAMID®NRG in Gathering Lines

Gathering and flowlines are used in rural areas to transport crude oil, natural gas, or multiphase fluids from the production site (wellhead) to a central collection point. They generally operate at relatively mid-high pressures and flow and are smaller in diameter than transmission lines. Historically, it has been a market for carbon steel pipes but due to corrosion issues, thermoplastics are now in use and PA12 VESTAMID® NRG 5901 is the cost-efficient choice to replace steel.

For above ground installations

PA12 VESTAMID NRG 5901 is a black resin with UV stabilization developed for line pipes, applicable for buried and above ground installations. It increases the value and reliability of the pipeline assets at a lower cost. Compared to coated carbon steel pipe, costs are about 30% lower because cathodic protection is not required, and installation can be done using low-cost techniques similar to HDPE pipe systems. Nevertheless, it can operate at much higher pressures, up to 315 psi (22 bar).

According to the TR4 listing of the Plastics Pipe Institute (PPI, USA), the long-term hydrostatic stress (Hydrostatic Design Basis HDB) of polyamide 12 is rated for design temperatures up to 180 °F (80 °C). Since the pipes can be coiled and thermo-fused, they can be installed using cost-effective methods benefitting from a wide range of readily available accessories.

Find more information about PPI TR-4 listing, fluid service factors acc. to ASTM F3524, and estimations of the maximum allowable operating pressure in the linked flyer.