Polyamides in use

VESTAMID® for innovations

VESTAMID® gets things into shape and keeps them going. Components made of VESTAMID® are stable even under pressure: They stay cool when things get hot, and they remain flexible even in ice-cold temperatures. So there are very few application areas for plastics where a VESTAMID® molding compound would not be appropriate.

On the road

Our high-grade VESTAMID® molding compounds make vehicles safer as well as more comfortable, economical, and fuel-efficient.

Well groomed

It isn't only teeth that need regular brushing: Brushes with bristles made from our VESTAMID® molding compounds bring a high gloss to technical equipment, even when the heat is on.

Clear signals

High-tech communication technology depends on light transmission. A sheath made from our polyamides ensures that the optical fiber can do its work without interference

Under pressure

Gas piping off the roll, simply and reliably welded and laid, is no longer a novelty. What is new is that piping of this kind that can withstand pressures of up to 29 bar.

Flexible strength

The extreme conditions in crude oil and gas production take even the most resistant materials to their limits. VESTAMID® helps push the envelope.