flexible and tough Jacket

VESTAMID® NRG for steel pipe coating

VESTAMID® NRG offers a flexible, mechanically resistant coating system, which combines the advantages of a polyethylene coating and a cement covering.

VESTAMID® NRG has a higher shore hardness than polyethylene or polypropylene. Moreover, a polyamide shell, unlike those made of polyethylene or polypropylene, offers both corrosion protection thanks to the barrier effect as well as mechanical protection for the jacketed steel pipe. The exceptional characteristics are

  • Unrivaled impact strength and toughness
  • Exceptional stress cracking resistance
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance
  • Low sliding friction coefficient

Trenchless laying

The most benefits with VESTAMID® NRG steel pipe coating are obtained with non-conventional laying technologies.

  • Horizonal directional drilling method
  • Earth-boring method with non-steered impact moles
  • Dynamic ramming method
  • Plow technology