On the road


For now 50 years, Evonik has been a reliable partner to the automotive and supply industry, especially when it comes to turning innovative ideas into new products and system solutions. Our success is built on a range of highly successful construction materials and many years of experience, which ensure that we can always select the right material for your application.

Customer-supplier relationships in the car manufacturing industry reflected a typical made-to-order approach up until the end of the 1980s. Since the start of the 1990s, however, this relationship has increasingly developed into a collaboration among partners who coordinate their research, development, and production choices to optimize the overall automobile product. Raw materials manufacturers are also closely integrated into this restructuring of the value-added chain, as they bring their knowledge of material properties and testing procedures to the partnership.

Unquestionably, VESTAMID® has been the most important of these materials, and the automotive industry the most important customer of polyamides. Fuel lines made of VESTAMID® L are chief among the pioneers of this application. Today, VESTAMID® from Evonik is used more than any other polyamide 12 for line systems in cars. And development is not standing still. As you determine your individual requirements, our experts are there from the start to advise you on suitable existing materials and systems or work with you to develop new, innovative solutions. 

We can achieve more together.