Rapid data transfer


Innovative assistance systems require fast data transmission, and increasingly heavy traffic demands improved safety levels; telecommunications with optical fibers make an important contribution in both cases.

Polymer Optical Fiber (POF)

Hi-tech communication technology in automotive depends on light transmission. For industrial use, an optical fiber must have high transmission capacity and be economical, reliable, and, if necessary, fire resistant.

In particular, optical fiber systems with polymer optical fiber (POF), whose elements can be up to ten meters long, offer the automotive industry the best ratio of data transmission to system price and are easily laid, even in applications requiring small bend radii. As their use over the last few years has shown, they are very robustly built for installation and continuous use. The optical fiber is fixed in such a way that it has a long service life and resists high pull-out forces, even under dynamic stress.

With these requirements in view, Evonik has developed a VESTAMID® dual-layer jacket system to protect the optical data carrier. The two layers afford mechanical stability, easy handling and efficient flame protection.