VESTAMID® LX9030, a high molecular polyamide 12 from Evonik, is suitable for production of gas distribution pipes in the pressure range of 10 to a maximum of 20 bar; only steel piping was used previously for this purpose.

The material complies with Technical Test Specification DVGW GW 335-A6 (Plastic Piping Systems in Gas and Water Supply; Requirements and Tests; Part A6: PA-U 160 and PA-U 180 Pipes and their Joints and Jointing) as well as the international gas piping standard ISO 16486 (Plastics piping systems for the supply of gaseous fuels—unplasticized polyamide (PA-U) piping systems with fusion jointing and mechanical jointing).

In accordance with ISO 9080 the MRS value is 18 MPa, which significantly exceeds the values for PE used in low-pressure pipes.

On this basis a large number of gas supply installations with operating pressure of up to 16 or 18 bar have been realized using VESTAMID® NRG 2101 in Germany and worldwide.