Our VESTAMID® compounds are subject to a proven quality management system - from development and production to quality assurance. We constantly optimize our quality management system, which has been ISO 9001 certified since 1992. And the response from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive: Almost all of them rated our services and the management system in the highest category.

We’re thoroughly familiar with the various specifications and test standards of individual markets. Working in close collaboration with our customers, we include in our services all the required resources and information, including access to a very wide range of test equipment.


Monotubes made of VESTAMID®, multilayer tubes with VESTAMID® layers, and connecting elements made of VESTAMID® are used successfully by nearly all automotive manufacturers worldwide for a wide variety of different line systems.

Their approval is based on globally recognized standards, for example DIN 73378 for monotubing or SAE J2260 for multilayer tubing for fuel lines. In addition, the individual automotive manufacturers determine their own specifications that must be complied with. This is done with individually adapted compounds and multilayer tubing systems that meet these special requirements. Approval of other components made of VESTAMID® is usually obtained from the component blueprints.

Our automotive experts would be happy to provide more detailed information.

We have evaluated certain products in our portfolio with regard to their use in contact with food.

You will find an overview in our Plastics Database. For further information on the food contact status of the product please contact us via email.

The polyamide resins we provide for medical applications are named VESTAMID® Care. VESTAMID® Care polyamide resins for medical applications are versatile and simple to process, and reliable and safe for various applications.

We offer two product lines for medical applications that are USP Class VI certified: VESTAMID® Care ML grades are polyamide 12 compounds, VESTAMID® Care ME grades are polyamide 12 elastomers. Both lines are resistant to body fluids and are toxicologically safe.

More VESTAMID® grades are available for medical parts that will not come into direct contact to body fluids and blood. Please contact us for more details.

Evonik offers VESTAMID® flame-retardant compounds for extruded cable duct covers on the floor of the passenger cabin in airliners and in cargo aircraft.

These use non-migrating, halogen- and phosphorus-free flame retardants and thus meet the flame retardancy requirements of FAR 25.853 and ABD 0031.

Airbus has approved VESTAMID® X7229 and X7167 molding compounds on the basis of the criteria defined in:

  • FAR 25.853 (fire test)
  • material specifications AIMS 04-01-004A and AIMS 04-01-004B

If you require more detailed information our expert would be happy to help.

In our plastics database you will find more high performance polymers for aerospace applications.

VESTAMID® NRG 1001 is the first polyamide 12 to be granted certification by Lloyd’s Register for production of non-bonded flexible pipes for transport of production and injection fluids in offshore crude oil production.

The approval tests were carried out in accordance with API 17 J „Specification for unbonded flexible pipes“. In long-term tests conducted over two years, the material showed excellent resistance to hydrolysis; it is also distinguished by excellent resistance to UV radiation and chemicals such as crude oil and oil field chemicals.

VESTAMID® LX9030, a high molecular polyamide 12 from Evonik, is suitable for production of gas distribution pipes in the pressure range of 10 to 20 bar; only steel piping was used previously for this purpose.

The material complies with Technical Test Specification DVGW GW 335-A6 (Plastic Piping Systems in Gas and Water Supply; Requirements and Tests; Part A6: PA-U 160 and PA-U 180 Pipes and their Joints and Jointing) as well as the international gas piping standard ISO 16486 (Plastics piping systems for the supply of gaseous fuels—unplasticized polyamide (PA-U) piping systems with fusion jointing and mechanical jointing).

In accordance with ISO 9080 the MRS value is 18 MPa, which significantly exceeds the values for PE used in low-pressure pipes.

On this basis a large number of gas supply installations with operating pressure of up to 16 or 18 bar have been realized using VESTAMID® NRG 2101 in Germany and worldwide.