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Under the name VESTAMID® Terra Evonik markets a group of new polyamides based on renewable raw materials: The monomers are obtained partly or entirely from castor oil, a raw material that is neither foodstuff nor animal feed and whose cultivation does not compete with that of food crops.

Unlike other bio-based polymers, the biopolyamides 610 and 1010 produced by Evonik are high-performance polymers. They are not disposable products, there are no restrictions on their service life, and they do not give rise to any technical weaknesses at all. On the contrary, biopolyamides are long-lived, durable and can be used in demanding applications, e. g. in the automotive industry. They products are typically applied in injection molding, fibers, powders, extrusion, and films. 

The name VESTAMID® Terra includes PA 610 and 1010 grades with different property profiles, which fill the gaps in the previously accessible property spectrum of the polyamides. 

VESTAMID® Terra HS (PA 610)

  • 62% based on bio-renewables
  • Carbon footprint: 4.6 kg CO2eq.
  • Very high mechanical strength
  • Good UV and chemical resistance
  • Excellent heat distortion resistance
  • Low water absorption compared to standard short-chain polyamides
  • Fills a position between mass polyamides such as PA 6 or PA 66 and long-chain niche products

VESTAMID® Terra DS (PA 1010)

  • 100% based on bio-renewables
  • Carbon footprint: 4.0 kg CO2eq.
  • High mechanical strength
  • Good UV and chemical resistance
  • Low water absorption so that the mechanical properties are scarcely affected by changes in atmospheric humidity
  • For use at high temperatures
  • High translucency; good transparency with thin walls
  • Fills a position similar to that of the long-chain high-performance polyamides PA 12 and PA 1212

VESTAMID® Terra in fashions

Polyamide fibers made from VESTAMID® Terra can be processed in all textile applications, including an Italian designer fabric for evening gowns, functional sporting togs, and durable upholstery materials. The high-tech textile fibers have a lot to offer: maximum wearing comfort and unexcelled performance. They are extremely light, flexible, and breathable. Processed into high-quality fabrics, they have an odor-reducing effect thanks to their lasting natural bacteriostatic characteristics. In addition, they dry quickly and require no ironing.