VESTAMID® for Machinery & Appliances

PRecision Engineering

Precision engineering requires high-performance components that can be produced with extreme accuracy and can withstand mechanical and chemical stress. This is why VESTAMID® compounds from Evonik are the starting point for many components in machine and equipment manufacture that keep things under control and flowing smoothly. Because VESTAMID® L and VESTAMID® E always retain their shape, even under considerable pressure. And when the heat is on, VESTAMID® HTplus and VESTAMID® HTplus M3000 grades, which are 50 percent based on renewable raw materials, keep their cool; they can withstand even temperatures above 180°C for long periods. Both compounds are therefore suitable for applications in the vicinity of engines and for fields of application previously reserved for considerably heavier metals.




Because they combine good chemical resistance with high bursting strength and outstanding rebound resilience, VESTAMID®L and VESTAMID®E have already proven their worth over several years in pneumatic and spray-painting hoses.

Housings and pumps


Processed by precision injection molding, VESTAMID®L is the ideal material for impellers and valve housings.


Zahnrad, Maschinen und Apparate

Home electronics equipment must run silently. VESTAMID®E provides noiseless gears for undisturbed listening pleasure.

Housings and filters


VESTAMID® HTplus and its bio-based variant VESTAMID®HTplus M3000 combine high chemical and heat resistance with high dimensional stability, good corrosion resistance, and excellent mechanical properties. They are therefore ideally suited for use in classic metal applications such as material for housings of pumps and filter systems or as charge air ducts of charged engines and other hot-air ducts in the vicinity of engines