VESTAMID® In the engine compartment

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A convenient way to reduce weight in vehicles without sacrificing safety or comfort is to replace metal wherever possible. For this purpose Evonik offers, in addition to the high-temperature polymer VESTAKEEP® PEEK, the high-temperature-stable semi-crystalline material VESTAMID® HTplus (PPA), which has been specially developed to replace classic metal applications. It can be used in add-on engine parts as well as in plastic-rubber composites. For our patented plastic-rubber composite process we also offer specially developed VESTAMID® D molding compounds.

Charge Air Duct


VESTAMID® HTplus has proven its suitability for parts in the immediate vicinity of the engine under grueling racing conditions. A VESTAMID® HTplus charge air duct has been used in a Lotus Exige sports car; this is only half the weight of the metal duct it replaces and, thanks to its extremely smooth interior walls, optimizes airflow and engine performance. In the charge air duct of charged engines, temperatures can rise to 170°C, depending on the situation.

Actuator housing


The VESTAMID® HTplus housing of a wastegate actuator series is used at a temperature of 160C and easily withstands the demanding ambient conditions in the engine compartment.

Further applications

Zahnrad, Maschinen und Apparate

Other application areas for VESTAMID® HTplus include gears, slide bearings, and ball bearing cages. Thanks to the reduced friction and lower abrasion of PPA, the service life of transmission components is increased and energy consumption in the application reduced.

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