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Global sales

VESTAMID® compounds are available worldwide.


VESTAMID® polyamide compounds are supplied as granules in 25 kg moisture-proof bags; octabins of 1,000 kg can also be provided on request. In our experience, the shelf life is virtually unlimited under normal storage conditions if the packaging is not damaged. The storage temperature should not exceed 45°C, particularly for plasticized molding compounds. In our general technical specifications, we provide a two-year shelf life warranty if the packaging is undamaged and the maximum storage temperature is 30°C.


The compounds can be processed immediately from a newly opened package without predrying. Drying of the granules is necessary only if the packaging has been damaged or the pack has been open for more than two hours. In such cases the compounds should be dried until the water content again falls below 0.1 percent. Excessively high moisture content in the compound leads to processing problems and/or poor molding properties. The compounds may become discolored after a long period of drying. Compounds containing plasticizers may lose plasticizer in the drying process.

Incompatibility with other thermoplastics

VESTAMID® is not compatible with most other plastics, not even with other polyamides. VESTAMID® molded parts containing traces of another plastic generally have inferior properties compared with moldings from uncontaminated VESTAMID® polyamides. The processing machine must therefore be carefully cleaned before the start of production.


VESTAMID® polyamide compounds are available in various standard colors. Specially adjusted colors are possible for sufficiently large orders. Compounds may also be colored during processing; in this case, the masterbatches used are preferably based on PA 12 for PA 12 or PEBA compounds and on PA 612 for PA 612 compounds. For the VESTAMID® Terra and HTplus series, we recommend masterbatches based on the respective polymers.

Further Information

For detailed questions on supply please contact our customer service center or your regional contact person.