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New Polymer Makes Its Major League Debut

Already certified for international use in oil pipelines, VESTAMID®, an enhanced polyamide 12, is poised to conquer new markets

Drilling for oil is one of the toughest jobs in the world. It can involve contending with subzero temperatures in Siberia, ferocious sandstorms in Saudi Arabia, and monstrous waves in the North Sea. As a result, the drilling crews work under constant pressure.

The materials used in the production installations are likewise subject to exceptional loads. That’s because they have to withstand not only excessive temperatures and pressures but also the corrosive effects of crude oil. Here, at least, help is now available from Evonik Industries AG, where the High Performance Polymers Business Line is riding high on the news that its polyamide 12 (PA 12)—marketed under the brand name of VESTAMID® LX9020—has been granted certification by the famous Lloyd’s Register for use in production of flexible pipes for offshore oil production facilities. It’s a decision that propels the product into the major league of production technology.


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