non-hazardous, flame retardant 

Environmental Compatibility and Safety

All VESTAMID® compounds are manufactured by the High Performance Polymers Business Line. This is certified as having implemented and applied an environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001.

Physiological and toxicological evaluation of VESTAMID®

VESTAMID® compounds are non-hazardous and not harmful to water. They are not subject to particular safety regulations (except VESTAMID® L2128nf, WGK2). With consideration of local regulations, they can be disposed of like household waste in landfill sites or in incineration facilities. The corresponding EC safety data sheets for the products contain more information. For economic and ecological reasons, recycling is preferable to disposal.

Correct processing of VESTAMID® compounds does not result in any hazardous by-products. As in any processing of thermoplastics, however, adequate ventilation and waste gas extraction facilities should be provided, particularly for molding compounds containing plasticizers or flame retardants.

Flame retardant grades

VESTAMID® compounds with flame retardant additives do not contain polybrominated diphenyls or diphenylethers. Flame retardant molding compounds that are halogen- and phosphorus-free are also available.

No cadmium-containing pigments or fillers are ever used.

Damage to the material during processing can be detected by discoloration of the melt. Damaged material should be rapidly removed from the machine and cooled under water to prevent development of unpleasant odors.


Most VESTAMID® molding compounds are combustible. At melt temperatures above 350°C flammable gases are formed as a result of decomposition. Incineration in the presence of an adequate supply of air produces CO, CO2, H2O, and nitrogen compounds as end products. The spectrum of crack and combustion products depends heavily on the particular incineration conditions and it is not possible to make any general statements in this regard.

Complete information is available in the corresponding safety data sheet, available on request from our Customer Service Centers.