Press release
September 16, 2011

VESTAMID®: Faster. Thinner. Less.

  • VESTAMID® HTplus have a flammability rating of V0 with wall thicknesses of 0.4 mm.
  • VESTAMID® HTplus allows for thin walled applications and minimizes abrasion wear.
  • Thin-walled connectors made from VESTAMID® HTplus can withstand lead free solder baths resulting into faster production of parts.


Computers need connectors to run, and our world practically run on computers. Miniaturization trend has led to that computers keep getting smaller and more powerful. As a result, connectors have to withstand increasingly higher demands. Electronic components made of VESTAMID® HTplus by Evonik Industries have a flammability rating of V0 with wall thicknesses of 0.4 mm (UL file number E100211). As a consequence, even thin-walled connectors can withstand lead free solder baths at very high temperatures and remain in top shape, regardless of ambient factors. The material is economical, flame-resistant, and can withstand mechanical impact as well as chemicals. This makes it easier to process for customers, resulting into lower cycle time and faster production of parts. Furthermore, due to a special formulation, the use of VESTAMID® HTplus minimizes corrosion in machine parts and tools as compared with other polyphthalamides (PPA) available in the market

“We’re always searching for innovative ways to enhance the performance of our products,” says Sanjeev Taneja, the head of High Temperature Polymers. Evonik is the only manufacturer to offer two varieties of PPA: with and without fiberglass reinforcement. Due to the high glass transition temperature, both grades are heat-resistant and especially suitable for use in the interior of aircraft, trains, and marine applications.

VESTAMID® HTplus is, of course, halogen-free, contains no red phosphorus, and complies with the ROHS* and WEEE** Directives.

*ROHS = Restriction of hazardous substances
**WEEE = Waste electrical and electronic equipment

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