Made from recycled tires


We have added our sustainable high performance plastic VESTAMID® eCO to our range of sustainable polyamides. In the production process, 50% of fossil raw materials are replaced by the use of material from recycled tires.

VESTAMID® eCO polyamide is made from used tires

VESTAMID® eCO produced exclusively with renewable energy
By using only renewable energy in manufacturing of polyamide 12 elastomers (PEBA) VESTAMID® eCO E40 we can reduce the CO2 footprint by a total of 40%.

Chemical recycling involves changing the chemical structure of plastic waste and breaking it down to the original building blocks polymers, monomers or atoms that make up the plastics.

Chemical recycling drives the circular economy and enables the production of high-quality end products and new plastics that are sustainable and counteract climate change for the very reason that they do not require crude oil.

VESTAMID® eCO E40, which thus belongs to the next generation plastic solutions, is like its classically produced equivalent VESTAMID® E40, a thermoplastic elastomer from the polyether blockamide family. 

VESTAMID® eCO E40 for high performance sports shoes

VESTAMID® eCO E40 is therefore, without any restriction, an immediate alternative with even better eco-balance for the long-standing conventional molding compound for sports shoe soles with high resilience. The well-proven properties of the material for sports shoe soles with high resilience are not affected by the use of recycled tires as a circular material.

Those sports shoe soles exhibit excellent low-temperature impact strength, chemical resistance and high elasticity, and are easy to color, process and overmold. Like the molding compounds of the VESTAMID® PEBA range, which have been tried and tested for more than four decades.

Range of applications

  • Sports shoe soles
  • Automotive industry
  • Medical technology
  • Manufacturing using only renewable energy
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions by more than 40%
  • Replacement of 50% raw material by recycled tires

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