VESTAMID® HTplus - The High Temperature Polymer

VESTAMID® HTplus belongs to the family of polyphthalamide (PPA) polymers. They combine high strength, heat stability, and chemical stability and thus bridge the gap between the engineering plastics (e.g., PA 6 and PA 6.6) and the high-performance polymers being high in price (e.g., PEEK, LCP).

Product description and characterization

Evonik offers three different PPA polymer types. All are semicrystalline, semiaromatic copolyamides.

  • M1000 PA6T/X
  • M2000 PA10T/X
  • M3000 PA10T/X

Various compounds are based on them. At present the product range includes 30 compounds.

Advantages of VESTAMID® HTplus:

  • high heat resistance
  • excellent resistance even to aggressive chemicals 
  • high dimensional stability 
  • high corrosion resistance 
  • excellent mechanical properties such as high rigidity and tensile strength 
  • high abrasion resistance 
  • efficient processing 
  • direct bonding to a variety of elastomers to give plastic-rubber composites, without the need for adhesion promoters. This saves work steps and therefore costs. 
  • suitable for production of hard-wearing fibers 
  • approved for direct contact with drinking water and food