"Top Gas" Award for gas pipe installation with PA 12

The Brazilian company Petrobras has presented the "Top Gas" award for the fourth time. The winners also include the gas network provider MSGAS, which used the polyamide 12 VESTAMID® NRG from Evonik for installing gas piping.

In 2013, MSGAS (Brazil) successfully put a 2.2 km gas line into operation in Campo Grande using VESTAMID® NRG. The gas line supplies an agricultural enterprise with 800 m³ of natural gas each hour. Petrobras, one of the world's leading companies in the oil and gas industry, has now honored this installation with the "Top Gas" award. In the "Operational Excellence" category, the decisive criterion was an increase in efficiency and quality coupled with a simultaneous decrease in operating costs.

The use of polyamide 12 instead of steel led to numerous advantages during installation at the construction site: The weight of the pipeline alone was cut from 20 metric tons to barely 5 metric tons. Even more impressive was that instead of 192 welded joints, as would have been necessary for steel, thanks to polyamide 12, only 23 were required. The reduced effort also resulted in noticeable cost savings. Depending on the installation diameter, the cost savings can be up to 25%.

Mr.Rinaldo Hiroshi (Manager of Engineering and Technology) and Mrs.Katisuka Brandão (Analyst Engineering Projects) at MSGAS accepted the award and numerous congratulations at the event. The project was praised as extremely innovative and as a “pure” engineering achievement. About 80 projects competed for the total of seven awards, which were presented at the Top Gas event – IV edition.

The project in Campo Grande-MS is the first gas pipe installation with PA 12 in South América, Brazil and was carried out for the most part using the HDD (horizontal directional drilling) method. In VESTAMID® NRG, the High Performance Polymers Business Line has developed a variant of its polyamide 12 that is custom-tailored to the requirements of the oil and gas industry. Other VESTAMID® NRG applications include flexible oil transport pipelines for deep sea applications.

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