Proven history in catheter applications

VESTAMID® Care ME grades represent a range of flexible polyether block amide (PEBA) resins of varying hardness for processing via extrusion or injection molding.

Due to their broad range of flexibility, VESTAMID

ME grades are used in different parts of catheter construction – it may be the distal end, requiring a low modulus for non-traumatic insertion, or the proximal end, needing a high modulus for force and torque transmission. 


ME materials are available as standard and bonding-modified grades, which adhere to EFEP fluorpolymers.

  • High flexibility & elasticity
  • Good Rebound properties
  • High Impact resistance
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • High chemical resistance
  • Easy processability & colorability
  • Free of volatile plasticizers
  • Gamma, EtO and autoclave sterilizable
  • Tough and resilient

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