Material of choice for catheters and tubings

VESTAMID® Care ML resins are characterized by several outstanding properties, such as high impact & notched impact resistance, dimensional stability, good sliding properties, high abrasion and chemical resistance.


ML grades are, for example, the materials of choice for catheters and tubing. These materials meet even the most challenging requirements in applications such as angioplasty balloon catheters.

Typical application areas for filled VESTAMID

ML grades include housing parts, monitoring and imaging devices and durable medical equipment. Due to their low water uptake, fi lled VESTAMID

ML grades even resist steam autoclaving for more than 500 cycles.

  • High impact resistance 
  • High dimensional stability 
  • High chemical resistance 
  • Low sliding friction 
  • High toughness 
  • High abrasion resistance 
  • Easy processability & colorability 
  • Gamma, autoclave, and EtO sterilizable

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Care and our other specialty materials for medical devices, please download our brochures.