Introducing BIO,
Evonik’s VESTAMID® Terra Riddle Game Moderator

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“Hello, Bio! I’m your cousin, Eco, from the US…”

Evonik’s Bigfoot – Eco – called upon his cousin in Asia when he went back into hiding in the temperate rainforest of North America. Eco was so pleased to hear that Bio has also partnered with Evonik Asia to protect the environment with Evonik’s bio-based polymer – VESTAMID


Evonik’s Tiger – Bio – is well-known in the Asian territory and very familiar with eco-friendly resources of VESTAMID

– the castor bean plant, which is mainly cultivated in Asian countries. He is so excited to introduce the world about Evonik’s new line of VESTAMID

products that support the reduction in finite fossil fuel usage by using renewable resources.

In following few weeks, Bio will present a series of product information and moderate riddles on Evonik’s website:

Bio will not only moderate the riddle game in the Asian region but will also take on the responsibility of Master of Ceremony for the Evonik HPP Shanghai Plant 5-year Anniversary. Those playing the riddle game will have a chance to know more about Bio !

Riddle Contest Rules

Please note, the contest is for residents of the Asia Pacific region only! To get complete rules, please download our contest rules.