VESTAMID® HTplus has been specially developed as a substitute for metal in conventional metal applications. It is a polyphthalamide (PPA)-based semi-crystalline material that is stable at high temperatures and offers an excellent price-performance ratio. It combines high temperature resistance with excellent resistance to chemicals and outstanding mechanical properties. Thus  VESTAMID® HTplus bridges the gap between engineering polymers as PA6 and PA6.6 and  high performance polymers being high in price as PEEK and LCP.


Evonik offers three different PPA polymer types. All are semi-crystalline, semi-aromatic copolyamides. Various compounds are based on them. 

  • M1000 PA6T/X

  • M2000 PA10T/X

  • M3000 PA10T/X

Benefits of VESTAMID® HTplus

  • high heat resistance

  • excellent resistance even to aggressive chemicals

  • high dimensional stability

  • high corrosion resistance

  • excellent mechanical properties such as high rigidity and tensile strength 

  • high abrasion resistance

  • efficient processing

  • direct bonding to a variety of elastomers to give plastic-rubber composites, without the need for adhesion promoters

  • suitable for production of hard-wearing fiberst

  • approved for direct contact with drinking water and food

VESTAMID® HTplus is used in teh automotive industry, in machinery and appliances, electrical and electronical applications and in lifestyle.

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VESTAMID® HTPLUS R – DIREct adhesion to rubber

In addition to the high heat deflection temperature (above 280°C) and dimensional stability of VESTAMID® HTplus, particularly in the temperature range of 120-140°C, our development is offering another very special feature: the possibility of direct bonding to a number of elastomers. The elimination of adhesion promoters in the patented plastic-rubber (K&K) composites reduces the number of work steps and the cycle times, thus saving costs.   

Compared with the other polyamides—PA 66 and PA 612—used in plastic-rubber composites, PPA has higher strength and rigidity, particularly in contact with moisture, long-term heat resistance up to 150°C, and low tendency to creep. Thanks to the higher heat deflection temperature than for PA 612 it is possible to vulcanize even thin thermoplastic parts along with rubber up to 190°C without deformation of the plastic part. 

Evonik offers three heat-stabilized product grades for plastic-rubber composites:

  • VESTAMID® HTplus R1033 and R1133 are 30% glassfiber reinforced,

  • VESTAMID® HTplus R1035  contains 50% glass fibers.

These molding compounds are particularly suitable for parts subjected to high temperatures.