VESTAMID® IN Electronic Devices


Components made of the polyphthalamide VESTAMID® HTplus enable faster production, allow thinner wall thickness and are less prone to wear and tear.



These days, everything relies on computers. And those computers rely on connectors. Connectors ensure efficient data flow and dependable power supply. They serve as input-output links, printed circuit board connectors or memory card bases. Or, for that matter, simply as power connections. But the trend towards ever smaller and more powerful computers also means more and more demands are being made on connectors. For one thing they need to be made extremely heat resistant. And they need to possess increasingly enhanced processing qualities.

Connectors made of the high-temperature polymer VESTAMID®  HT plus easily measure up to such exacting demands:

  • classified flame class V0 at a wall thickness of 0.4mm

  • contains no halogens or red phosphor

  • complies with RoHS and WEEE regulations

  • material approval in accordance with UL 94

  • glass transition temperature >125°C

  • less water absorption and higher dimensional stability than PA66 and PA46 

Best flame class

Because electronic devices made of VESTAMID® HT plus are classified flame class V0 at a wall thickness of 0.4mm, they even have no trouble withstanding lead-free solder baths of extremely high temperatures. Thus, processing is much easier and parts are faster to manufacture. In addition, the use of VESTAMID® HT plus reduces the incidence of corrosion on machines compared to the level normally occurring with other materials. Because it has a light color, VESTAMID® HT plus can be used to make not only black components, but ones in a whole array of individually colorings.

Further applications

VESTAMID® HT plus is also suitable for making LCD bases, transponder casings or SMDs (surface-mounted devices). The unfilled and reinforced PPA compounds are heat resistant and predestinated for use in the interior of aircrafts, trains or ships.