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Technical properties

Available in different grades, suitable even for extreme challenges

  • HS: high heat deflection temperature
  • DS: high mechanical strength
  • DD: high impact strength
  • Customized compounds for numerous applications

VESTAMID® Terra is suitable for application in many areas. PA 610 is resistant to high temperatures and thus especially well suited for parts that must withstand hot conditions, such as the engine covers of cars. PA1010 is extremely rigid and is therefore suitable, as a fiber-reinforced variant, for high-stress housings and similar applications. PA1012 on the other hand is transparent and distinguished by high impact resistance. As an additive in the soles of high-quality sports shoes, it can improve the cushioning of the shoe and increase its resilience.

The VESTAMID® Terra products are available in pellet form as a base polymer. Our expertise is to provide tailored solutions for specific application fields. This has lead to the development of a wide range of compounds which can contain, e.g. various stabilizers, flame retardants, fiber reinforcements, coloring agents, etc. Detailed information are available upon request.

Product families HS, DS and DD

Polyamide 610 (HS)

VESTAMID® Terra HS (PA 610) is produced by polycondenzation of 1,6-hexamethylenediamine (H) and 1,10-decanedicarboxylic acid (sebacic acid, S), the sebacic acid obtained from castor oil. Thanks to its properties, Terra HS is similar to the high-performance polyamide PA 612 and fills a position between this one and the PA 6 and PA 66 standard polymers. It is semicrystalline with a very high mechanical strength and good UV and chemical resistance. Compared to short-chain standard polyamides, it absorbs only low quantities of water. Thanks to its high melting point, it also has the best heat distortion resistance of all Terra products.

Polyamide 1010 (DS)

VESTAMID® Terra DS (PA 1010) is the polycondenzation product of 1,10-decamethylenediamine (D) and 1,10-decanedicarboxylic acid (sebacic acid, S), both of which are obtained from castor oil. In technical terms, this product fills a position between long-chain high-performance polyamides PA 12 and PA 1212 and PA 6 and PA 66 standard polyamides with shorter chain lengths. Its semicrystalline structure provides for high mechanical strength and chemical stability. It absorbs only little water. As a result, its mechanical properties vary little when exposed to changing environmental humidity, and the material features a high dimensional stability. The material also features a high degree of translucency and provides good transparency with thin walls.

Polyamide 1012 (DD)

VESTAMID® Terra DD (PA 1012) is made from bio-based C10 diamine and fossil sebacic acid, which can also be produced from palm kernel oil as bio-based source. Terra DD’s properties are comparable to those of long-chain polyamides such as PA 12 and PA 1212. It features high dimensional stability and good heat resistance. With low temperatures in particular, it boasts high impact strength and absorbs only low quantities of water. Thanks to its semicrystalline property the product features an outstanding chemical resistance, e.g. it is resistant to fats, oils, fuels, and hydraulic fluids. In contrast to other semicrystalline polyamides, Terra DS can also be used for films with good transparency.