Printing and laser marking

Decoration of injection molded parts and films has become increasingly important for surface finishing of high-quality everyday articles. VESTAMID® allows distinctive design or tamper-proof labeling, for example, by printing or laser marking.

Laser marking

Special VESTAMID® molding compounds are available for laser marking, which result in high-contrast lettering that is resistant to wear and chemicals. Even the smallest characters and symbols with very low line thicknesses can be positioned accurately and with clear legibility, on difficultly accessible, smooth, uneven, or structured surfaces as well as through transparent barriers.


VESTAMID® can also be easily printed. Most printing inks can be used for sublimation printing. Screen inks must be adapted for use with VESTAMID® molding compounds. Preparation of the surface by flame treatment, roughening, or corona treatment generally results in improved adhesion of the printing inks. Adhesion can also be improved after printing, by flame treatment or tempering.

PA 12 elastomers of the VESTAMID® E series in particular are excellently suited for decoration by thermal diffusion printing processes. Sublimation printing and cutting-edge digital printing techniques result in brilliantly decorated films with virtually indestructible printed motifs; in the form of highly attractive protective films, these are now dominating the sporting goods and automotive sectors, among others.