Fluorine-free module protection


Backsheets based on our polyamide 12 are fluorine-free. Thus, they are easy to recycle, and do not release toxic gases during incineration or in case of fire. VESTAMID® gives solar modules long lasting protection against environmental impact, boosting module performance and reliability.
VESTAMID® offers an environmentally friendly alternative to other protective layers used in the industry. At the end of life modules need to be recycled. On the one hand, VESTAMID® based photovoltaic backsheets as well as cutt-off and production scrap are fully recycable. On the other hand, if the module components are recycled by incineration, VESTAMID® does not release toxic gases during combustion, and the acidification potential of the effluent gases is reduced by over 90% compared to fluorinated polymers. Therefore, the environmental footprint of VESTAMID® is much better than most other market options.

There are two different concepts of VESTAMID® based backsheets in the market – laminated back sheets as well as innovative coextruded backsheets. Evonik is offering VESTAMID® based thin films in order to protect the PET core and guarantee a proper adhesion to the encapsulation in laminated backsheet solutions as well as VESTAMID® raw materials for coextruded multi-layer backsheets.

Both solutions provide a proven reliability since years of application at a competitive price/performance ratio. Depending on the specific structure, these back sheets offer various advantages compared to classical solutions, e.g. no melting phase during lamination or outdoor application, higher reflectivity increasing the modules efficiency, as well as increased performance in humid and/or agricultural environments.

Furthermore, VESTAMID® based photovoltaic backsheets prevent any release of toxic gases and noxious substances during production, application as well as in case of fire. Evonik ensures maximum quality and availability for our customers around the globe and we support our partners to develop superior backsheet properties as well as innovative backsheet technologies worldwide.