Professional Articles



Durable and eco-friendly (pdf, 773,30 KB)

Biopolyamides are not disposable products. On the contrary, they are longlived and durable, e.g. in the automotive industry.


Ecologically Flame Retardant (pdf, 542,08 KB)

Excellent flame retardant properties for the construction industry: High demanding application can be realized with with biobased plastics. Halogen-free, of course.


From fuel line to gas pipe (pdf, 388,63 KB)

How are thin pipes made into large-volume pipes? To answer this question it is necessary to consider the entire process chain. Plastics manufacturers must develop expert knowledge of the end application if they are to deliver “well-rounded” products.


Looking for the right polymer: PBT vs. LCP vs. PPA (pdf, 346,03 KB)


PV Magazine: Recycling the whole Module (pdf, 686,00 KB)

In part two of pv magazine’s investigation of module recycling, the attention remains on the backsheet and how, in a cost-competitive environment, fluoropolymers continue to pose a largely hidden challenge.


VESTAMID® Terra (pdf, 591,34 KB)

Hightech plastics from the field